Tweet It Out: How to Incorporate an SEO Strategy on Twitter

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With over 330 million followers globally, Twitter has become one of the biggest social media platforms. It’s no longer just used for chatting with friends and connecting with distant family members but is also an important tool for businesses.

How can you use Twitter for your SEO strategy? Read ahead to learn more!  

Think Through Your Hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of Twitter posts. They’re used to create brand recognition, highlight specific aspects, and even kick-start a social media movement. Hashtags are what Twitter users use to make a current Tweet or topic go viral and show up as trending.

For SEO purposes, hashtags also serve as your keywords. When drafting your Tweet, make sure that you’re using the relevant hashtags along with it. Just like you’d use keywords in your blog posts and meta tags to improve search results and SEO rankings, use hashtags for the same purpose.

Having said that, make sure you follow the dos and don’ts of hashtag usage. This includes using specific hashtags for certain events or products instead of only using your branded hashtag. This will help improve the overall searchability of your content.

Use the Advanced Search Option

Speaking of keywords and hashtags, here’s a cool and easy way to find specific conversations. The Advanced Search feature made available by Twitter allows users to search for specific keywords and hashtags. They’re then directed toward 5 different result tabs, each of which provides a detailed analysis regarding those Tweets.

For instance, you can see which Tweets received the most engagement. You can also search for the latest Tweets and how well they did with your audience. With the People tab, you can get to know who tweeted about a particular keyword and how many times. These analytics can then help you devise a better SEO strategy for your keywords.  

Share Your Blog Posts

Twitter is a great way for you to promote your blog posts. You can reach out to a much bigger audience this way and direct organic traffic to your blog.

All you have to do is insert a link to your blog in your Tweets. This way, you can Tweet about each new blog with a direct link attached so that your followers can read it for themselves. On top of that, enable the re-tweet option for your blogs so that readers can share it ahead.

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