The Dos of Hiring an SEO Agency

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So you’ve recently found out that your best chances of ranking high on Google’s first page is by letting professional SEO experts do the content creation and marketing for you.

You’ve got that right, because Google algorithms won’t let the content on your website let off so easily. But with so many options around and with no prior knowledge of how SEO works, how do you ensure that you’re hiring an SEO agency correctly?

What should you do and what should you avoid when hiring one? Let’s find out.

Don’t: Think You Can Do it On Your Own

Many starters, especially those on a limited budget, make the grave mistake of thinking that creating SEO-friendly content is a task they could perform themselves. There’s hardly any need to spend money on something that you can do yourself, right?

Sure, if it’s something you can do. But when you’re just starting out in the digital marketing arena and are seeking to stand out amongst an ocean of other websites, you’re overestimating your chances. The other companies and websites that you’re competing with probably hire experts to do top-notch SEO for them, and there’s no way you’re getting around that. Especially if you don’t know how SEO works.

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Most people think that SEO is simply content. While content is the bulk of it, there are other elements involved, which your SEO agency can brief you on. Your objective here is to create an imposing digital arena, a popular virtual identity.

You’re trying to build your online presence, and this you’ll have to do with the help of a number of things: web design and development, animation and video, analysis and social media marketing campaigns. Make sure you’re getting the best o the deal from your search engine optimization company.

Don’t: Go for Gimmicks

If you’ve found a flashy ad on Facebook for an SEO agency that promises “immediate results” and is supposedly the “best SEO agency” that can take you up to the “number 1” spot, start running. No serious SEO agency will ever throw around words like “best” and “number 1.”

Do: Request Audits

Audits are a composite analytical tool to help you identify which areas you lack in, which are your ideal features, and which ones need the most work. SEO agencies provide audits via competitor research, checking accessibility, indexing and crawling, optimization and keywords, backlink analysis, branding, site navigation, and web design.

A thorough evaluation of the aforesaid helps the SEO agency inform you where you need the most work—such as your content isn’t optimized for long-tail keywords or your site design is muddled. Knowing this helps you know which services you need.

Ready to Begin?

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